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October 27th, 2010

So Christmas is coming. And Shutterfly is giving all bloggers who apply (and qualify) 50 free cards. (Here's the link for that: )

I think 3 out of the last 4 years we've done a picture card.

I'm liking this one:

Probably mostly because of the example layout. But this one is nice too:

I am liking brown right now.

Anyways. Something I've noticed. People get Christmas photo cards from other people. And then they're displayed on their wall/door/whathaveyou. And often they are really cute pictures of the family's kids. And if you don't know their kid, you're always thinking... "who is that from?" My Uncle remarked on our first photo card, "Finally, someone who put the whole family on the card! We don't want to see just someone's kid." And he has a good point, I think. Yes, your kids are cute. But if I'm at someone else's house, and I see your card with your kids and I don't know your kids, your card is pointless. But if I know you, and you're on the card with your kids, I like to look at it.

So this year we'll do something like we did last year. Three photos: One family group shot, one child, and the other child.

And all the random relatives who are getting old and forgetful and don't remember that we have children, will know its us by our picture on it.
(Or like my Aunt did, and framed our card and put it on her wall. We're famous now.)

You know you want to make a photo card and send it to me.

March 23rd, 2003

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